New Patch incoming (

To all Survivors out there, the SCUM gets updated!

here can u read the complete Patchnotes.

Lets pick some important points for us:

  • Added auto-walk initiated by pressing shift and forward key (shift+W by default..PRAISE THE LORD)
  • Added 2 new chests. For now the only difference is the amount that can be stored in Wooden chest 10×10, Improved wooden chest 15×15, Metal chest 20×20, also the metal chest can’t be destroyed
  • Implemented few damage modifiers:
    HumanToHumanArmedMeleeDamageMultiplier and HumanToHumanUnarmedMeleeDamageMultiplier
    (We will keep the values at original numbers so far)
  •  Added StartTimeOfTheDay and TimeOfTheDaySpeed that control speed and start time on the server
    (We will keep the values at original numbers so far)

have fun out there – lets meet in the woods!

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